One set of struggle in a relationship is being separated with distance. According to Statistic brain, 40% of couples who goes through distance breaks up. Oddly, some of friends I knew in was part of the result. Physically distant is draining, emotional distance is heartbreaking. A situation nobody would choose.

I had to stand with my decision. Plan was already set. Needless to say, I was afraid of the outcome. Two years anything could happen. The years could make it stronger or we’ll both be hanging on the edge waiting for either of us to cut off the rope.

Days are coming closer for our physical separation. We spent most nights together. But nights with him was filled with fear knowing this will stop momentarily for a time being. An agony, a torture of some kind. Each touch was carved into the deepest memory, wonderfully preserved to be reminisced in time.

Departures are the most difficult. A situation nobody deserves. Clocks were ticking fast. Heartbeat was louder than voices and tears that anytime could explode. Communications now will depend on signals. A heavy sinking feeling filled the heart.

While being miles apart, communication is vital. Sometimes In my loneliest hours I would try to send mental messages on him and he would respond with a text message. There I positively knew we were connected.

We were not an exemption to issues and common arguments. A lot of tensions broke out lately, a purging. A cleansing and letting go of past dark areas. He is seeing the inner reason for everything. He was my mirror who does not criticise my childishness but corrects me into becoming a better me. There’s no denying he knows how to carry me into the higher plane.

Although situation such as this could be very complicated, but I thank it enough for letting me know the universality and flexibility of the relationship. Nobody between us took the knife and cut off the rope. We head off from the edge and now standing on a steady ground. A remarkable year in my life to finally know who I want and where I really want to be.

To be reunited again with my Twin. Physically.