Twas’ an ordinary day with ordinary people and an ordinary talk. The nature’s scenic view was  indescribable. Enthralled with the image I was in a moment of awe while wondering what lies beyond this scene. It was a slow paced time unbounded moment while he started to speak  the same things on my mind. Discovering how in tuned we are to cosmos, alternate realities, high dimensions and reincarnations. A sense of welcoming embossed the moment.

The timing was right, and becoming perfect for the reunion of two souls. We’ve known each other for a year or two, casually saying “hi” but no more than that. We both have been in different relationships with people who contributed to our growth and deeper understanding in life.

At a point of time when I don’t want any romantic affiliations crowd in my life there he was, they showed me him and him to me.

Unlike other articles I have read, It was not an abrupt knowing of who we were and how spiritually we’ve been connected. I guess it is unique to every twin. Time made us in tuned with the calling of the universe for the union. A romantic feeling with an impression of familiarity and belonging. Which I could honestly say that he made me feel, see and liked the real me. No pretensions.

In a twinkling of an eye, I felt deeply loved and in-loved. No remorse, fear or doubt. He was a mirror to my soul. He can speak to my mind.

No courtship like traditional relationships do. Loving you was replaced with “Seeing you”. While deciphering the meaning, the latter word was deeper. He sees my soul, my being, my existence. He called me his twin. Synchronicity happened, my news feed has been flooded with twin flame articles though it wasn’t intentionally searched. As if they have been opening my ideas into this. SYNCHRONICITY was at every corner whenever we’re together. From the simple choice of song, random text messages, to the unspoken words on our minds.

Talking and just being with him makes minute just a second and an hour just a minute. There was no time, although in reality we are bounded by it.

No fairy tale wands to make it magical. Just pure love. It was a relationship perfectly rolled into one. One who became my lover, best friend, partner and my Twin.